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Transmission Repair Pros DK Auto & Diesel Service Inc.

DK Auto & Diesel Service Inc. is a full-service Transmission diagnostics & repair shop with a convenient location on Plum Avenue in Ontario. Our team of ASE-Certified technicians uses the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately pin-point the issue your transmission has, at an affordable rate!

A mechanic without our specialized experience may diagnose your vehicle’s transmission problem incorrectly and tell you that you need a whole new one when in reality, your car only needed a simple repair, such as a fuse, a relay, a cable, or a loose electrical connection. It could even be an external sensor that needs adjusting. Let us take a look under the hood and pinpoint your transmission issue.

The day to day goal at DK Auto & Diesel Service Inc. is to be an honest, upfront shop that you can count on! Call DK Auto & Diesel Service Inc. today to schedule your appointment!